2 Day Facilitation Boot Camp

Course Calendar

Toronto – date coming soon
Ottawa – date coming soon
Montreal – date coming soon
New York – date coming soon

Course overview

The Boot Camp will teach participants key facilitation practices and how to apply them in any industry and any environment. The training will cover common obstacles and how to avoid them, for example, dealing with conflicts and dysfunctions.

This course will facilitate the opportunity to participate in improv exercises where the attendees are placed into situations that they face daily and give them the opportunity to experiment in a safe environment.

Our course instructors are experienced Facilitators who ​have spent their time in the trenches. For this reason, the course is able to provide opportunities for a variety of participant questions answered directly from the instructor’s experience.

Participants will also receive cheat sheets and 1-2-3 step templates that they can use to continue practicing the learned techniques

Agenda Day 1: Facilitation Fundamentals

Before the meeting

  • How to prepare for meetings?
  • What else can you do to ensure success?
  • What if you have only 5 minutes to be ready for a meeting?

During the meeting

  • How to open the meeting so you are set up for success?
  • How to engage you audience:
    • Also learn about emotional engagement
  • How to ask powerful questions?
  • Learn about information gathering techniques:
    • Listing
    • Brainstorming
    • Grouping
    • Prioritization
  • How to close the meeting?
    • Effective review/recap
    • Collect feedback/evaluation

How to deal with conflicts & dysfunctions?

  • Learn about the various personality types
  • How to form alliances to prevent dysfunctions
  • Learn via improv sessions where some conflicts are played out

After the meeting

  • Follow-up
  • Document findings
  • Monitor action items
  • Prepare agenda for the next meeting

Before closing: meeting lean coffee

  • Ask anything from the instructor
  • Spend 8 minutes on each topic

Agenda Day 2: Advanced topics

How to create the most engaging presentation?

  • Have you ever wondered why are TED talks so engaging? It’s not only the topic… We will start the 2nd day with these techniques

How to become a more engaging facilitator?

  • Facilitation is not easy, and finding your voice is key: authenticity will make your message to resonate
  • Learn about the importance of empathy and understanding what’s in it for Them.

How to make your message stick?

  • Learn about the latest neuroscience research that can help to increase our power to influence people and outcomes
  • The foundations: how do memories form?
  • Being aware of this, we have a better chance to control our message and be heard
  • Ways to apply the latest research in practice:
    • How to increase the chance of your message to resonate with people?
      • Timing
      • Priming & Engagement
      • The power of stories
      • Reward mechanisms
      • Error triggers
    • How to handle factors that impede your message to get across?
      • Threats
      • Habits
      • Multitasking
      • Stress
    • Techniques to deepen learning
      • Exercises
      • Play & simulations
      • Improv

Meeting hatching: another chance to deepen learning and opportunity to apply through a fun exercise

  • These are a series of jamming sessions to learn how to turn any meeting (even the most boring and tedious ones) into more engaging events