Agile is more than just a methodology,

Agile is more than just a methodology, it is a powerful way to transform an organization to enable it to achieve more. Most of the time, when we are asked to help with Agile transformations, we initially deal with the IT departments only. Notably, however, Agile transformations within other divisions of the organization prove to be invaluable as well.

Organizations who are open to engage other departments in the Agile transformation process report seeing organization-wide benefits as soon as changes are implemented. Faster delivery, higher responsiveness to market pressures and changes, transparency of the development process and improved communication- vertically and horizontally- within the organization are some of the key benefits achieved when an organization goes Agile. See below for a more comprehensive discussion of the benefits.

The management team benefits from Agile:
  • Management simplified and less timely
  • Efficient communication between all stakeholders
  • Minimal paperwork and documentation
  • No overheads
  • Short iterations mitigate market risk
  • Effectively prioritize
  • Information flows effortlessly between management layers both ways
The development team benefits from Agile too:
  • Shorter iterations
  • Cohesive communication between team members
  • Greater flexibility to accommodate change requests
  • Real-time access to automatic release metrics, burn down and cumulative flow charting
  • Accelerate rate of innovation
  • Increase productivity
  • Iterations guarantee even workload across the project (no delivery frenzy and pressure in the end)
Clients even benefit from Agile:
  • Early access to product during the life cycle
  • Takes part in the development process through interactions and feedback
  • Rigorous testing ensures that clients receive bug-free end-product
  • Consistently updated about project progress and status

Another excellent advantage of going Agile is lowered defects. Frequently, testing is conducted during the final stages of a project. With Agile, however, testing begins early in the development life cycle- happening simultaneously with development. Critical bugs are caught early in the project and user stories are considered incomplete until they contain zero critical defects. Automated testing also aids in increasing productivity amongst the testing team.


Our team has a great track record of success in helping enterprises increase productivity, enhance project quality, and improve interaction and collaboration.
We can help you achieve similar benefits as we provide assistance in:

  • Agile coaching services;
  • Agile transformation;
  • Rally deployment and coaching.

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